U3A 2017 bridge quiz

Standard English, with 12-14 pts no-trump. You may use any conventions provided you name/explain them

1. 86 Q943 A742 J64

Partner opens 1 NT, and E overcalls 2. Now its your bid?

2. You are S and 3rd in hand, what would you bid after two passes with this hand: void 5 AQJ5 J10986543?

3.Partner opens 1 , and you as South hold: AJ7 AQ8 AK1095 106 how do you respond?

4. Partner on hand 3 holds: 108 K9 QJ8 AJ9532. As South you find yourself in 6NT and a get lucky lead of a , plan the play

5. What do you open with KQ107 86542 AKAJ ?

6. Your opponents bid 1NTů3NT and you are on lead with this hand: J10 762 9652 8754 what do you lead?

7. On dummy the suit is J9 and declarer holds AK753, You need to make the most tricks you can in this suit, and entries are no problem. So how?

8. The opponents open 1 and partner doubles, and the next player passes. You hold: 865 AQ974 73 A109 How do you bid?

9. You hold QJ1097542 4 AKQ 10. Partner opens 1 the next player passing. What do you bid?

10. You are vulnerable and opponents are not. As dealer what do you bid with 86 Q987543 QJ Q7 ?

Answers by email only: bob.parker@ic24.net

Closing date 25th January, prizes to two best replies from U3A groups