Slams and Asking for Aces

A small slam is 12 tricks and a grand slam is 13 tricks. Bid and made of course. You get large bonuses .In no-trumps you need 33pts between the two hands for a small slam and 36 for the grand. However you always need to ensure that your opponents cannot cash two quick tricks (e.g. 2 aces, or AK in same suit). A slam in a suit can be bid on considerably less points if one hand holds a void or a singleton.

So you need to check for aces.

To ask for aces bid 4NT:

partner responds 5 clubs =0 aces

5 diamonds = 1 ace

5 hearts = 2 aces

5 spades= 3 aces

You would not be asking for aces with no aces

If your side holds all the aces you can use 5NT to ask for kings. The responses follow the same pattern as for aces

Direct over 1NT or 2NT only

You can use 4 clubs to ask for aces, then 5 clubs for kings

Then 0 aces = 4 diamonds etc

Then 0 kings = 5 diamonds

Many players use 4 clubs with all bids but you may need this bid to show a club suit. The better players all avoid this bid to ask for aces except directly over a no trump opening.