Bids over a Two No-trump opening (20-22 pts) for advanced players .

ONLY for those playing regularly

3 is a transfer to s

3 is a transfer to s

After the transfer is completed the responder can pass with 0-3 pts

3 is a type of Stayman (alert) asking for both 4 card and 5 card majors . Players opening 2NT will frequently open with 5 cards in a major suit. This is far less common with an opening bid of 1NT. The responder's hand must have values for game and at least one 4 card major suit to bid 3

Responses by opener

3/ shows 5 cards in the major

3 shows a 4 card major, or both 4 card majors

3NT shows no 4 card or 5 card major

After opener has responded 3

The responder with one major suit bids the major NOT held, and with both majors bids 3NT. This is to allow the stronger hand to play in a major suit at the 4 level

You are liable to FORGET this


Opener Responder

2NT : 3

3 : 3 (I have a 4 card suit NOTE)

4 or 3NT (opener's suit is s)