Raising Partner’s Suit

1. Requirements: 4 cards in partners suit. You may have to raise occasionally with 3 cards and a singleton in a side suit if partner’s suit is overcalled

2. As responder: with 4-8 pts raise to 2 level; with 9-11 to the 3 level ; with 12-15 to the 4 level. As responder with 16+pts a slam may be biddable so if possible bi.d a new suit before raising partner’s suit

3. Respond in a major suit direct. With a minor suit, always bid a 4 card major before raising partner’s suit. Think of 3NT with a minor suit fit , rather than 4 or 5 of a minor

4. As opener you can support responder’s suit as follows: with 12-14 pts raise to the 2 level; with 15-16pts to the 3 level; with 17-18 pts to the 4 level

5. Ignore the oft quoted “one up -shut up”. If responder raises your suit to the 2 level with 16+ hands consider bidding again.

6. There are more sophisticated ways to raise partners suit using “loser” rather than points. Look on the Bridge on Sundays website under “ Useful Conventions/ counting losers”