Overcalls and the Negative Doubles

1. The negative double (ND) applies when partner has opened the bidding in a suit, and has been overcalled

2. If you can make a natural bid that you would have made if there had not been an overcall, then bid it

3. Holding 9 points or more make a ND if your bid has been taken away by the overcall. Should show the other two suits but does not have to.

3. If partnerís suit is overcalled 1NT, then double is for penalties

4. Do not use ND if you can raise partners major suit opening bid .


1. Partner opens 1, is overcalled 1, and you hold 6 pts and 4 spades. Bid 1, you would have bid this if there was no interference

2. Partner opens 1, and is overcalled 1. With 9 pts and a 4/5 card club suit bid 2, because that is the bid you could have made without the interference

3. Same example as 2, but this time you hold a club suit and a heart suit, 9+ pts, make the negative double

4. Partner opens 1and is overcalled 1. You hold 6-9 pts but your only suit is spades. Bid 1NT

5. Same as 4 but this time you hold 11pts, and only suit is spades. Make a ND. When partner responds you can bid 2/3 NT depending on the strength of the response from partner

6. Partner opens 1, is overcalled 1/2, and you hold 2 five card minors with 9pts. Make a ND. Playing 5 card majors , two cards in partners heart suit would boost your ND, because you may just get a repeat of partners suit.

Remember that partner knows you have 9+ pts and probably the other two suits but you are not limited to having the other two suits

If you make a ND, then double their suit again, its for penalties, unless their suit has been supported

Holding game points you can use the ND to ascertain partnerís strength/shape to decide the best game. The Directional Asking Bid is a valuable bid to couple with a ND

The negative double is sometimes called a Sputnik Double