Interesting hand 23

This hand was a real disaster for our team, though I am at a loss to know why. We played E-W and as E my hand was Q4 void QJ10742 AKJ63. I am always going to open on this hand 1. However the dealer N opened 2 the strongest bid available. I overcalled 3 to make it as difficult as possible, which after two passes was passed round to dealer who bid 3, but I was not daunted so I then bid 4 , again passed to dealer. What would you now bid as N holding AK1098KQ9652 AK void

Our N-S pair also opened 2 and the bidding proceded as on our table until E bid 4C..........

Interesting hand 23 replies

I would double 3D as we play all doubles of overcalls up to 3S for take-out. If partner bids 4C then I would bid 4H showing a very powerful hand and at least a 6 card heart suit, and should partner not want to play in hearts , he could bid spades knowing I must have that suit

We would prefer to play in our major suit preferably hearts, as a slam could be on. Doubling 3 diamond for partner to bid is a strong possibility, but would they bid? A two-suited overcall by me would be great but we do not play that against overcalls by opponents. So I am going to bid 3 hearts and with my hand, I intend to spades later especially if my opponents bid 4C then 4S is my next bid

What happened.

When we played E-W, then 5 became the contract, which can make 12 tricks and was brilliantly played by N to make the 12 tricks. Our N-S pair did not bid spades so 4 became the contract. Repeated leads of clubs by defenders undid declarer and only 9 tricks can be made. Checking this with Bridge Solver shows that 9 tricks is the best N can do in hearts

North Deals
None Vul
A K 10 9 8
K Q 9 6 5 2
A J 8 4 3
9 8 6
10 9 7 5
Q 4
Q J 10 7 4 2
A K J 6 3
J 7 6 5 2
10 7
5 3
Q 8 4 2