Interesting hand 7

Fourth in hand I was dealt the following hand

void K8 K754 A986543

After a pass, partner opened 1 (don't they always), which was promptly overcalled 2. My turn to bid, what would you do?

The replies

As far as hand 7 is concerned, this really is a tricky one. If I had a couple or even one less Club I think I’d double saying I have a shapely hand partner worthy of a bid but I can’t support your spades, can you choose a minor or even bid NT knowing I have stops in both minors? But with seven clubs, even though most of them are pretty weedy, I think I’d make a “free bid” of 3 Clubs. Simple I know, but it shows I have something whereas 4 clubs might be mistaken for Gerber depending on your system and anyway by passes 3NT where I still hold out some hope if opening partner has something outside his spades. Furthermore that bid should ensure I have a second bid. So I still hold out hope for a 3NT contract or maybe even a Club slam if partner has any interest at all in the suit. But knowing partner’s usual response it is likely to be 3 Spades which is the last thing I want to hear!!!

Interesting hand 7 – A negative double seems called for. Two majors have been bid so a negative double suggests a long minor or both minors, and reasonable points say 8-11ish. It keeps the auction going without having to move to a higher level. Partner then has the option of re-bidding his spades at the two level and I can bid 3 clubs which partner will leave unless he has a very exciting hand. If I bid 3 straightaway he might get carried away!

Won't pass. Can't support spades.Having stopper in D and probably in H, 3NT or 5C possible with help from partner. Partner has points so likely at least one club honour.Options are 3C, 2NT or Double. 3C safest bid and best describes hand, allowing partner to bid D if he has them.'Double', showing 10+pts, denies spades and would allow partner to show diamonds (nice) but if he rebids spades then what? 'Double' doesn't convey club length.

I'd probably bid 3C, thinking NT too risky, needing parter to have an extra heart stopper as well as club honour. If partner can raise my clubs (I'd assume 2 club honours) I'd risk 5C. If he bids 3D I'd bid H looking for the extra stopper for 3N. If rebids 3 spades I'd pass and hope. All assuming opposition stop bidding!

A tricky hand. Don’t want to end up in 3spades if I bid clubs but might easily miss a game if I pass. So double first choice, 3 clubs second . Won’t pass yet but if partner repeats spades this could be a disaster!

What happened

I doubled for take-out. Passed round to partner who bid 2, which I decided to pass, fearing we would get too high. Then my LHO re-entered the bidding with 3 , passed round to me. Partner must be short in hearts so then tried 4 and partner raied to 5.

Partner's hand was: QJ10864 6 KJ7 A86

A heart was led to the ace. and a diamond returned. Winning on dummy, I led the spade Q, which was covered, and ruffed by me. Cashed the king of diamonds, and discard dummy's last diamond on the king of hearts. Ruff a diamond in dummy and the suit broke evenly. Cashed the K and Ace of clubs and conceded a club trick. 11 tricks made.

Looked at the traveller, we were the only pair in 5 , most were in 2 or 3 , often minus 1 trick. As it was teams, a good result. However the moral of the story is that "dont take your opponent out of a poor contract when they have no fit". We were rescued by a player too keen to compete.