Interesting Hand 5

You pick up this great hand void AKJ98AK73AK62 , 22pts and interesting distribution. You are going to open this with an Acol 2. However its not your turn to bid and to your dismay, partner who is the dealer, opens 2 weak, showing 6-10 pts and a 6 card suit. Partners have a habit of doing things like this. The question now is how do you respond. You may well have a slam in one of your three suits. The void in partnerís suit makes a slam in s most unlikely, but a game is a near certainty.


I would ask for aces.Partner surely has 8-10 points for her vulnerable opening,

I would just bid 4 hearts as a slam is not too likely

There seems disagreement amongst players as to whether a change of suit is forcing, or just looking for a better spot. Three hearts is better if it is forcing, 4 hearts if not. I could use 2NT to ask the strength of the opening 2 spades

What happened.

I made a mess of this. Thinking a slam may be on in one of my suits, I bid 3 clubs, and then later hearts.Ended up in 5 NT which went down. Partners opening was really weak for a vulnerable opening. Should have bid 3 hearts , and -partner would have givinen preference to 4 hearts