Interesting Hand 40

Last hand of the evening at Teams and you as South pick up:J9876AKJ105 VOID 862. East was dealer and passed. Do you open this hand. It meets the rule of 19 but not the rule of 20 (add your two long suits to the number of points). Had the major suits been interchanged then I would have been inclined to open, but the poor spade suit decided me to pass. West opened 1NT and both the next two players passed. Action was required because we should be safe in a part score in a major. Which suit to choose? We play ASTRO as a defence to 1NT, whereby 2 shows a 5 card heart suit, and another 4 card minor suit, and 2 shows a 5 card spade suit and a lower ranked 4 card I decided to use spades as the "anchor" suit, because if partner does not hold 3 cards in the suit, then the intermediate suit is bid. If partner responds 2, (less than 3 cards in spades) I can pass, with my excellent heart suit. Partner resonded 4! and that became the contract. This is an exercise in hand evaluation. Two hands both of which passed initially, reach game.

The full hands were:


Board 18
East Deals
None Vul
K Q 3
9 2
A K 10 9 5
Q 10 3
A 10 2
7 6 4 3
Q 7 2
5 4
Q 8
J 8 6 4 3
9 7 5 4
J 9 8 7 6
A K J 10 5
8 6 2

West lead a diamond so 2 losing cl;ubs were dioscarded from dummy. 11 tricks were made, whereas our opponents on the other table reached 2. Only 3 teams reached game with one North playing 3NT. 10 tricks in spades is the par result on a club lead