Interesting Hand 4

The weather seems to have been freaky and so have the bridge hands! You hold this hand: AQ1098762 void AKJ98 void

If you were dealer what would open?

On the actual hand, partner was dealer and opened 1 heart! Remember that this bid might be based on the rule of 20.

What would you now respond with your monster hand?

I think I might open 2 spades. Only 2 losers. Got to be 6+ spade playing tricks, and two top diamonds.
Over a 1H opening by partner I think I’d also bid 2 spades. Jump shift is forcing, wondering about slam. But hard to see how best to go on, to find out what you need to know. All you really want to know is if partner has the KS and the QD. Or alternatively if he has three top Hs or Cs, so you can throw your losing diamonds – but by the time you find that out using Blackwood, it may be too late and anyway using Blackwood with 2 voids is not ideal. Cue bidding useful but only if partner starts it off with clubs, and hard to see how you get partner to be the one starting it.
I might just take a punt and bid 6S after p’s response to my opening!
Well you have a virtually guaranteed Spade game in your own hand so I would open a game forcing bid in an undisclosed suit. We play Benji and use 2 diamonds as game forcing (23 points or 4 or less losers) but is that permitted with only 14HCP?
If partner opens it’s a pity but inevitable that it will be in one of your voids. But still game going so would respond STOP 2 Spades and bid 4 diamonds if I got a 3 hearts rebid.
I would open 2 spades if playing strong twos , otherwise 2 diamonds. If partner opened 1 heart I would bid 2 spades, and over a re-bid of hearts, then bid 4 diamonds
I would recommend opening an Acol 2 Clubs since you have game in your hand in spades, despite not having 23 points. If partner opened 1 heart I would simply reply 1 spade , since partner has ‘promised’ to bid again, and see what the re-bid is.

What actually happened
1 heart was opened, and partner bid 1 spade. Its often a good point not to make a jump shift with a void in partner’s suit. The reply is then 2 hearts, and partner bids 4 diamonds natural. What a dilemma, so bid 4 spades, because it looks as if partner is 6-5 in spades and diamonds. Partner then bid 4NT and with 1 ace went to 6 spades. Nearly all pairs were in 4 spades making easily
Opener’s hand was J AKQ964 82 J1098. A club was led, ruffed by declarer, who cashed two rounds of diamonds. The only hope to get to dummy is via J spades, so lead another diamond. Your LHO shows out but holding the K spades it does not help to use K trumps. On dummy declarer plays hearts from the ace, discarding the remaining diamonds, and concedes 1 spade trick.
Very lucky because if the RHO opponent is out of diamonds and holds the K spades, the contract will go down