Interesting Hand 26

At a teams event , after three passes, W held this hand

void A1085 AKQ843 AK3. Your turn what would you open?


Interesting hand 26 replies

1.Thanks for this. Only 3 losers and 20 hcp a very powerful hand, too good to open at the 1 level and obviously not a 2NT hand with the spade void. 2 Diamond opening is the only one I can see as reasonable and hopefully partner comes back 2NT and then go to game in Diamonds or NT

2.One diamond or two diamonds that is the question? With 8 likely tricks, 5 in diamonds and one in hearts, and two in clubs I would open 2 diamonds , announcing as strong. If partner should have hearts then a slam could even be on. A reply in spades is not what I would like, though a rebid of 3 hearts should show my strength.

3. I would like to make an illegal bid of 2D (Multi) and wait for a response.
I would therefore open 1H and hope for a response.
I can react to any response.

4. Given that we play weak twoís, we would probably plumb for 2C and would await our partnerís pleasure/displeasure. If they really havenít got anything, they would come back 2D, and you would go 3D to check for support there; almost anything else, we would be moving towards 3NT. Could go pear-shaped but would enjoy the journey

5.I play weak twos in 3 suits so I would open 2C, itís a strong two hand and if partner has diamonds or hearts we could have agame or slam on

6.Definitely a 2D opener showing 8 playing tricks

7. But as you say you have not too many replies on hand 26, whats wrong with a 2 diamond opening? Is the problem due to it being teams?2 diamonds opening does not demand a response, does it?Perhaps the problem arises when playing weak two's which we donít.

What happened

At our table West opened 1 and E responded 1 on J107 QJ962 74 1074, 4 points but good texture. There was no stopping W now, and we were lucky that they stopped short of the slam. When our partners were E-W, again W opened 1 and E passed! Really surprised by the opening, surely it is worth a 2 opening in some form. Those who play weak twos in the majors have no problem they can open 2 showing 8 playing tricks in an unknown suit, and will at least get to game in hearts. Those playing weak twos in diamonds hearts and spades (not a great idea , so easy to defend against), will have to open 2 clubs

By the way the multi two diamond bid is perfectly legal , but must be alerted and explained properly if asked


A grand slam in hearts is makeable but hardly biddable., but we were lucky only to suffer a game loss, but that was bad enough