Interesting Hand 24

You pick up AK AJ107J6 AQ983. 19 points with two suits and you are going to bid. The dealer on your right opens 1 which is a nuisance. Do you bid your suit or double? Your left hand opponents isthen going to overcall in s, and s are supported to at least to 2, your partner remains silent. over 2 wht do you do?


Interesting hand 24 replies

This is a strong hand, at least by hcps (19) but odd shape , only 3 trick games in hand and on the loosing trick count 5 but we have not found fit so cannot use this method yet!

I would double over 1 diamond, telling partner I have a hcp hand and a weakness in diamonds. Partner would either, pass, or show their best suit. If partner showed more than 6 points and good heart fit go to game, if a club fit stop at 3rd level , as no point in pushing for 4.

A double is obvious but I am so strong I might force partner with a bid of 2 diamonds. Later I am going to show my heart suit or club suit if I am not out bid

What actually happened

Over the 1 opening I doubled, and this was overcalled by my RHO with 1. Partner passed and spades were supported on my right. I decided that partner is likely to have either a heart suit or a club suit, so I bid 3, which was overcalled 3, and partner re-evaluated her hand and bid 4 holding 1pt! Having a fit in both suits makes the combined hands so much stronger

4 makes. With no entry to dummy I cashed AK of hearts, and the Q fell. Played the third heart to dummys J and led a low club finessing the Q. When that held, cashed the ace and the K and J fell.. Contract made with an overtrick. The only pair in game. Was it a good score, yes, but doubling 3 spades gets it 2 tricks off, scores 500, instead of 450, so it could have been a bottom!

Partner's hand as dummy was:

94 J853 85 107642