Interesting Hand 16

In a recent Harlow League match this hand was played. I am indebted to the players who sent it for inclusion on the website.Both sides vulnerable

The dealer was W: A6KJ9753voidA10842

N held:K10842voidKJ9753K6

E held:QAQ108642voidQ9753

S held:J9753voidAQ108642J

The bidding began with W opening 1 how might it continue?

The "experts" answered 

W           N                  E             S 

1           3(CRO)     4           4
5           5               6           6
dbl            P                 P             P

CRO is a convention to show two five card suits over opponents opening bid. Over 1 then 2 shows 2 suits same colour i.e. clubs and spades; 2NT shows 2 suits same rank i.e clubs and diamonds; 3 shows the other two suits i.e diamonds and spades.
The 4 is a n unassuming cue bid showing a good raise in hearts

W             N                     E              S

1           3 (CRO)       5          5
6         P                 6         6

dbl           P                 P           P
The 5 is a "splinter" showing a singleton or void in diamonds; and 6 is a cue bid

W           N                    E                S

1       3(CRO)    4          4
5       5              6          6
dbl       P                P            P

4 diamonds is a splinter bid, 5 hearts a cue bid

W           N                    E               S

1       dbl              4          4
5       5              6          P
P         6              P             P

You will see that 6 clubs or 6 hearts can make for E-W, and even 7 hearts makes by playing the Q and smothering the J. 6 spades by N-S is a good sacrifice even doubled, and is only one off if you guess the spades right. Notice nobody played in the minor suits!