Interesting Hand 15

I am indebted to John Howes for recording this hand

On holiday a group of us had a game of bridge after dinner. 12 hands a mini match ladies versus the men.. Most hands were undistinguished but one caused considerable discussion, which a few (not me) carried on during the flight home and later

I was dealer (N)with:AKQ86K1073QJ6K

The bidding proceeded with no opposition bids: 1 1NT 3 3 3NT. I believed that partner only held 2 cards in s hence 3NT

S as declarer held: 953 96 109 AQ10963

The 8 was led, so now its your turn as declarer t play the contract!

West on lead held: J72 A542 K72 852

East held: 104 QJ8 A8543 J74

This was a disaster for defenders, it is obvious that an initial heart lead will easily defeat the contract, and a club does no harm provided that diamonds are ducked by defenders.

On my table declarer thought for a long time, and overtook the K , cashed A and led a third . East winning switched to a low , won by W, and returned.The A won, and then East played the Q ! The contract now makes with 5 tricks in s to come.

On the other table the K held and 5 tricks in s cashed. Then declarer led a low won by E who not seeing all the hands played J. Declarer gratefully cashed 5 tricks in the suit, so allowing declarer the luxury of overtricks. It was getting late and too much red wine!