Interesting hand 12

Last Sunday the following hand turned up

KQJ9864 void KQ1087 7

Non vulnerable as dealer what do open (opponents are vulnerable)?

A case can be made for opening either 1, 2 strong and natural , or 4, so let us consider these possibilities.

Opening 1 seems the natural bid but would you be disappointed if partner passed holding 4 points , with two small cards in s and the J . There are so many chances to make game in s.

Opening 2 strong presents no problem. However with so many players playing weak twos, you need another bid for the strong two in a suit. Also there are restrictions on openings of that sort.. The hand does not have 8 clear tricks assuming a 4-1 trump break though its close, it does not have 16 pts and does not meet the extended rule of 25 (length of two longest suits =12, pts =11, total 23). A natural strong bid of 2 , no problem , show the suit on the next round

Opening 4 . With a void in s and taking into account the favourable vulnerability , there's a lot to be said for this, since opponents may well have game or a slam in s. I know its not an 8 card suit but the second suit more than compensates

What actually happened

Playing with an unfamiliar partner I opened 4 and this was passed out, most pairs were in a slam. Partner held

A7532 K97 A 963 A

With so many trumps and two outside controls partner surely can raise to 6, via Blackwood in case you have a Grand Slam!!!! Finding the void in opener's suit is not going to be easy

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