Interesting hand 10

You pick up AQ109873 J108 9 Q4. Partner who is dealer opens 2 a game force hand. What do you respond on this hand, assuming no opposition bidding?

Interesting hand 10 replies

This hand proved a bit easy, the standard reply being 3 clubs. It must be a positive hand even though strictly it does not have an ace and a king.

A typical reply was:

Hand 10 - assuming the 2C is showing strength not clubs, it looks as if slam is on the cards. Just show your suit by bidding 3C which is also showing 8/9+ HCP including an ace/king. Then partner can do what he wants next, and you havenít closed the door to anything

The alternativewas

I looked at this hand and thought there could be a slam on, but Iíll bid 5 clubs showing my very long suit and hoping partner has some clubs . A void is not what we want. 6 no trumps is a likely contract , provided partner does not pass. If partner has the usual 2 club opening with a balanced hand then a slam should be easy. Should it be a giant two suited hand either my diamonds or my spade queen should be a great bonus, and opener can nominate the suit.

What actually happened

Opener held AJ106 AJ86 AKQ7 K. 22 pts. As it happens I do not think this is a 2 club opener, which should have around 10 tricks in it or 23+pts. IĎd rather open it 2NT even with the singleton king of clubs.

Most pairs ended up in 6NT but this contract failed. The diamond lead did not help, although declarer can overtake dummyís card with the Q. Then cash K of clubs, return with a diamond to the 10. Unfortunately the clubs broke 4-1 with the J in the longer hand, and you have a loser in one of the other suits. You have 3 spade tricks, 4 diamond tricks, 1 heart trick and 3 clubs = 11 tricks.

One pair, not very inexperienced, bid 5 clubs which was passed(!), and this made for a top! 6 clubs should make because you 6 club tricks, 4 tricks in diamonds and two outside aces. Being pairs its hard to resist 6NT

If partner bids 3 clubs, then opener is going to respond 3 hearts. Responder rebids clubs, and after an equiry for aces, 6NT is likely to be the contract