Interesting Hand 36

Recently at a Sunday pairs this very freak hand occurred. South as dealer opened 1 and most Norths bid 1NT or the bold ones bid 2. 3NT was a popular contract with some making 13 tricks on a heart lead. 5 was the alternative.Nobody bid a slam, and most pairs settled for the least good but highest scoring contract of 3NT. In 3NT you've got 3 losers in s if the suit is lead initially. However with careful play a grand slam can be made in s on any lead. The question is how can you bid it? Several less experienced players have ask me to get "expert views"

hand 36 replies

Not very scientific but this is what I would do

1 spade, 2 diamonds , 2NT. 4 clubs minor suit on clubs

5 diamonds. 6 clubs

Eddie plays minor suit replies the other way round so would have replied 5 clubs Now with the 6 club bid partner knows I am a 2 suiter and can choose whether clubs or diamonds

I know it is kamikaze bidding but that is what I would have done after the 2 nt response

We do not have any bids to show both minor suits over partner’s 1S bid. Could someone devise some bid ? I would bid 2D and over partners 3NT or 2NT would bid 4C. Probably end up in a minor suit game. Cannot see a slam being bid. Would be disappointed if 3NT scored much better


The full hands were
South Deals
None Vul
K J 10 6 4 3
Q 10 9 8 6 2
A J 8 6
Q 9 8 7
Q 9 8 5
K 10 7 5
K J 5 4 3 2
J 5 4
Q 9 4 3 2
A 10
A 7 2
A K 7