Insufficient Bid

In the auction if you make a bid, it must raise the level of the auction by either bidding a higher denomination, or making a bid at a higher level. Inadvertently, players do sometimes make a bid that fails to raise the auction , and this is called an insufficient bid. Any player may draw attention to this infringement, but it is usually the opponents. When this happens call the Tournament Director immediately. There is a mistaken view that the offendermust make the bid good. Only the next player to bid and the offending player can decide what action to take.

The TD will advise the players of the options.

The next player has the option of accepting the bid, and the bidding proceeds from that point. As the next player, take this option if you wish to get in a bid at a lower level (i.e. show a suit that you would not be able show at the next level).

If the insufficient bid is rejected, the bid must be corrected by a legal bid. The infringer may make the bid good (same denomination at a higher level), without penalty. He may not double the preceding bid. The offendes partner, or any other player, may not advise as to action taken by the offender.

The infringer may pass or bid a new suit, but the penalty is that the partner must pass throughout and there may be lead penalties. If the insufficient bid was a conventional bid (or its replacement), then these conditions apply to that also.

In the rare case that the new legal call (including a double) has the same meaning as the previous bid, but a more precise definition, this now may be made without penalty.

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