Hand of the month

Partner as N deals and passes , and your RHO opens 1. Both sides non-vulnerable

What would you bid as S holding

K9864 K6 KJ10986 or would you pass?


I would not pass. I'd probably bid 2H (CRO). But does that give the opposition too much info to bid to game? (they have balance of points) Could otherwise double to see if partner has spades then risk trying to pinch the contract in clubs if not. If partner can make 1 trick I should make 8 in total with any luck. It might also discourage the opposition from bidding game in their fit.

Re your hand of the month. I think the spades are too weak to overcall with and I would bid 2C taking away their partner's 1S and 1NT bids. Probably wrong.

In that case, I think I’d bid 2 clubs rather than 1S. My reason for not preferring 1S is that someone once told me not to overcall a suit that you wouldn’t want your partner to lead to you, should the opponents buy the auction, and although I have 5 spades, with only one honour (& not the ace) I wouldn’t be that keen on having it lead to me. But I think it’s marginal. I wouldn’t pass.

Bid 2 hearts showing 2 black suits (CRO), if not then 1 spade keeping the bidding at the 1 level. If partner responds then bid the clubs.

I've just seen your hard hand of the month at HH last week. I was there but had no recollection of this hand, or what we did if indeed we played it. I was W, thus fourth to bid. If I had been playing S after that sequence I would bid 2H (CRO) showing at least 5-5 in the black suits, although my partner had already passed. However I could not do that on a Wednesday as my partner doesn't play CRO so I would have to overcall my 6 card suit or pass. I would not be strong enough to double. What one does depends to a great extent on partnership agreement and understanding, but in an ideal situation I think that I would bid 2H. This is just a private reply, by the way, but I'd be interested to know what transpired. S has clearly got a good hand with very few losers, albeit being light in points.

So what happened?

There is no all correct answer.Those who play two-suited overcalls did well on this hand. Playing Michael's Cue Bids showing 2 x five card suits, then 2 shows spades and a minor or CRO when 2 shows 2 black suits () both at least 5-5. Luck was really on your side because N your partner held

Q10752 A9 98652 Q and bid 4 over opponents bid of 3. 11 tricks roll home and your opponents can make 5 !!

You will not always have such a result