First Bid out of Turn

Bidding when it is not our turn is an infringement of the laws of bridge. In these circumstances a bid does include a pass. However if the next player is dealer, he can choose to condone the bid and then bidding proceeds normally. If he does not condone the infringement, then the bid is cancelled. and the bidding reverts to the correct player. The offenderís partner must pass throughout

If the RHO is the dealer, and decides to pass, the bid out of turn must be repeated. If RHO chooses to bid, then the offender can make any legal bid. However if the bid out of turn is repeated, then his partner must pass for one round, and if it is not repeated, the offenderís partner must pass throughout.

If the offenderís partner was the dealer , then the bid is cancelled, and he must pass throughout the auction.

If you make a pass out of turn before any player has bid, and it is not condoned, the offender must pass for one round. The offender must pass throughout if it would have been his partnerís turn to call, after an opponent has bid. Partner may also not double or redouble.

Should you pass out of turn after a bid, and this is followed by three passes the bidding reverts to the player who missed their turn.

During the auction, a double or redouble out of turn is treated like a bid out of turn.

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