Calling the Tournament Director

The main role of a Tournament Director (TD) is to organise the bridge event, setting out the movement, boards, stationery and making sure everything runs smoothly. A secondary but important role is to deal impartially with any problems that arise at the table. He may have to rule on any infringement citing the relevant law. He is there to make sure you enjoy your bridge.

Calling the TD is not an accusation against another player, but a request for help to sort out any infringements that have occurred. Remembering that at most small clubs the TD would be playing, try to sort out any minor problems at the table, without calling the TD.

It is imperative that you call the TD if any of the following has occurred:

An insufficient bid

A revoke

A bid/pass out of turn

A lead out of turn

When you feel you have been misled as to the meaning of a bid

Bad behaviour by any player

You can ’reserve the right to call the TD’ if you feel that you may have been damaged during the bidding or play. Please advise the TD at the time that you are ‘reserving your right’. At the end of the hand you decide whether or not to call him.

Always call the TD in a friendly manner. His first words when he arrives at your table should be “how can I help”. He will then listen to what players have to say, give advice and when necessary rule on any infringement. Try to accept his rulings with good grace and get on playing the hand. If you have good reason to doubt his ruling you can appeal, but only do this if it really affects the procedure as it will involve other members of the club having to meet and discuss.

Any player at the table may call the TD, and far more problems arise from not calling the TD, than seeking his advice. Few players know the laws sufficiently well.