For some time now, we are required to announce rather than alert the following bids:

The opening one no trump range

Common responses to 1NT

Some opening bids at the two level

1. The range of the 1NT Opening bid

You simply announce the range, e.g. 12-14, and say if it may contain a singleton

2.Responses to a 1NT opening bid.

· Most players in the world use 2 as an asking bid instead of a natural bid of clubs. Many inexperienced players seem to forget this convention even though they have been taught it. A response of 2 over 1NT goes by the name 'Stayman'. Provided the responses are simple, the responder will now announce the bid by saying “Stayman“. The 2 reply to Stayman (no 4-card major suit) will neither be announced nor alerted, nor will responses of 2 or 2 . Any other responses i.e. a bid to show both major suits will have to be alerted, and for such bids you would not announce 'Stayman' as a responder.

· The use of transfer bids over an opening bid of 1NT has become widespread. The simple red suit transfer bids whereby the responder bids 2¨ meaning a 5-card suit, and 2 meaning a 5-card suit is very common amongst club players. These bids will now be announced. Partner opens 1 NT, and you would bid 2 and the opener will say “hearts” and likewise if you hold a 5-card suit you would bid 2 and opener says “"pades“. If the bid is not announced or alerted it is a natural bid in the suit (usually a weakness take-out). Any follow -up bids after the completion of the transfer do not need to be alerted or announced if they are natural.

2. Minor suit openings at the 1-level

In simple systems you do not alert or announce suits which are at least 3 cards in length. If the suit may contain only 1 or 2 cards we say for example "may be a two card suit" . Strong club systems are still alerted

3. Opening bids at the two level

Instead of alerts we can make announcements for the 'simple ' weak two opening bids in the major suits, where the suit bid guarantees that suit

(i) The game force 2 opening will be alerted because it is a conventional bid not promising four cards in the suit

(ii) If you play Precision Club or a Strong club system where 2 is a a club suit of at least 5 cards and 11-15pts partner will announce: “intermediate“. If 2 is a natural bid showing clubs and no specific holding in another suit you do likewise

(iii) If you play the other suit bids at the two level as 8 playing tricks partner will announce e.g. “ strong forcing” or “strong non-forcing” depending whether partner must reply to the bid.

(iv) If you play a weak two bid in the majors with a 6 card major suit then partner will announce e.g. “weak” . If the bid shows another suit of more than 4 cards you may not announce, and the bid must be alerted by partner.

(vii) 2NT if it is natural, may now be announced by stating the points range e.g. 20-22

If the 3 response is smple Stayman we announce it , and neither announce or alert responses.. If 3/ are transfers to hearts and spades respectively, they are announced like over a 1NT opening

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