Some Hand Evaluation


1.     Doubles

(1)   Which are for take-out? Suits bid at the 1 level; When opponents have agreed a suit; When partner has opened and is overcalled; when opponents pre-empt at 3 level

(2)   For Penalties? Opponents open 1NT; opponents bid above 3 level or in game

(3)   Requirements for a take-out double? Shortage in opponents suit and a choice ofyour suits

(4)   Respond in your longest suit, jump respond with 9 or more pts


2.     Losing trick count

(1)   counting losers

(2)   Maximum of 3 per suit or number of cards in the suit

(3)   When to use losers? Agreed suit; showing strength

(4)   Opener assumed to have 7 losers. With 9 losers support to 2 level; with 8 to 3 level; with 7 to 4 level

(5)   Do not use losers for slam bidding


3.     Slam bidding

(1)   6NT requires around 33 pts in the two hands

(2)   Suit slams require long suits, control and not more than 1 quick loser

(3)   Use 4 clubs to ask for aces ONLY direct over partnerís 1NT/2NT bid

(4)   Use 4NT otherwise.

(5)   Do not ask for kings with 5NT unless your side holds all the aces