Showing a strong hand


1.Open 2| to show 23+ pts, or a hand that can play in game on its own. 9-10 tricks minimum, with 5 quick tricks


2. Open 2~/`/@ to 8 playing tricks in the suit. Usually you hold a 6 card or longer suit, and often at least 16pts.


3. Open 2NT with a balanced 20-22 pts


After you have opened with a suit bid at the 1 level then:


4. Make jump re-bids in 2NT/3NT (i.e. you open 1~, partner 1@, you 2NT;  shows 17-18 pts; 3NT would show 19-20pts


5. Make jump re-bids in your own suit. Needs a 6 card suit and around 16 pts


6 Make a jump bid in partners response suit (i.e. you open 1`; partner responds 1@, then 3@ from you)


7. Make a re-bid in a new suit at a higher level than a simple re-bid of the opening bid (i.e. you open 1`, partner bids 1@ and you bid 3|; shows at least 5 cards in `s, and at least 4 cards in |s and 16+ pts. 2nd example: you open 1~ partner bids 1@ and you then bid 2`; shows 5 cards in ~s and 4 cards in `s and 16+ pts.) Note a simple re-bid of your suit or support for partner at the next level only, shows a weak to moderate opening bid of 11-15 pts


When the opponents have opened:

8. Making a jump bid at the game level. (i.e. your RH opponent opens 1| and you overcall with 4`.  Needs a 7-8 card suit with 16+ pts.)


Slam bidding

9 Bidding 4NT asking for aces, after partner has opened at 1 or 2 level in a suit