Responding to an opening bid in a suit from partner


1.    To respond in a suit requires at least 4 cards in that suit

2.    A minimum of 6 pts is needed to respond at the one level, and at least 9 pts to responds at the two level.

3.    Respond in the 4-card suit ďnearestĒ to openerís bid suit

4.    Respond 1NT with no 4-card suit biddable at the 1 level, and with 6-9 pts.

5.    With 16+ pts and a very good 5 card suit you may make a jump response in a new suit.

6.    Respond 3NT with 13+ pts, no major suit, and no 4- card fit for openerís suit.

7.    With a strong responding hand, and a 5 card suit with a 4-card suit, bid the longer suit first and later the 4 card suit.


Raising partnerís suit (support)


8. You need 4 cards or more in partnerís suit

9. With 4-8 pts raise to two; with 9-11 pts raise to three; with 12-15 pts raise to four.

10. Raise a major suit direct to the level; only raise a minor suit directly if you have no 4-card major suit


Openers second bid

You can do one of the following.


11. Show a second 4 card suit, jumping with 16+ pts

12. Rebid in NTs: Rebid 1NT with 15-16pts; 2NT with 17-18pts and 3NT with 19-20 pts

13. Support responderís suit

14. Rebid your suit. Needs at least 5 cards in the suit. Rebid at two level with 5 cards and 12-15 pts; rebid at three level with 16 + pts

and a 6-card suit.


General points

15. Look for a 4-4 trump fit

16. Play in 3NT (9 tricks) in preference to a minor suit at the 4 or 5††† level