Interesting Hand 31

Recently on Sunday this freak hand turned up KQJ9874 Q97654 dealt by players on the night. You are North and dealer, all non vulnerable. So what do you open?

Secondly a few days later you are dealt as W 1097651098764voidA7. Partner opens 1 and S passes. Round to you, do you bid?

The replies

I am passing on both occasions

I will certainly come into the action and aim to play in a game, maybe even a slam on the first one

I want to see what my partner does first

Thanks for the chance to look at these hands

1 Only 8hcp but two long hands. I would open 4spades as the hand can be upgraded because of the two voids, then loose one trick on the A of spades and merrily cross rough as partner may have good diamonds. This would stop the opposition bidding as they are likely to have long hearts and clubs.

2 I would not respond, at least on the first round, with only 4 hcp and see what partners second bid is, do not have enough to respond 1NT so best to not mislead partner

Strange hand. You might make a case fo opening spades from any level up to 4, or pass. I would not open 2S or 3S because its is too strong , using the rule of 20. I suppose 1 spade is best, hoping opponents do not compete in hearts. 4S looks good but we might miss a slam. A pass can never be bad, this hand will not be passed out surely.

The second hand is another freak. If I bid with my 4 points, is partner going to re-bid 2D or 3D? I would then regret bidding 1H, but I would risk it an apologise later

I would pass on both hands, expecting (hoping?) to get a chance to contribute to the auction on the next round (with that shape a 2nd round is almost inevitable I think).

Both hands can be enormously powerful in playing tricks given some sort of secondary fit with partner,but even hand 1 is worth virtually nothing in a misfit, and of course in a competitive auction there could be a juicy double.

So I think `wait and see` is the best course.

What happened

For the first hand: every shade of spade opening from 1 to 4 was opened. I think the hand is too strong for a weak 2 spades opening and similarly for a 3 spades opening because of the great shape. It is unlikely that this sort of hand will be passed out, so a PASS on the first hand is a good option. Those who bid to game were rewarded with 10 tricks. Some S hands tried to rescue partner when they opened 2 by bidding 3 never a wise course

The second hand poses a dilemma, to bid or not to bid. Decided to get apologies ready if I bid 1 and partner repeated diamonds. Luck was with us a 4 became the contract and made!

The first hand


North Deals
None Vul
K Q J 9 8 7 4
Q 9 7 6 5 4
A 10 3
J 9 8 2
K J 8 5 2
6 5 2
K 10 3
A 8 2
A 10 9 6
A Q 7 6 5 4
K J 10
Q 7 4 3