How to Score


  1. Minor suits score 20pts, and major suits 30pts for each level of  a contract made.  For example 3♣ bid and made scores 3 x 20 = 60pts. Overtricks score as per the contract. If you fail to make the contract, your opponents score 50pts for each under-trick.
  2. In Rubber bridge, pts scored for making the contract go BELOW the LINE on the score pad. Overtricks, bonuses, and under-tricks go above the line. A ‘GAME’ is 100pts. Two games make a rubber. A PART SCORE is any contract scoring less than 100 pts
  3. Bonuses are scored for making rubber ( 700pts for 2 games where the opponents have not scored a game, else 500pts), and for bidding and making a slam.
  4. If the contract is DOUBLED, and made the score doubles , plus an insult bonus of 50pts. If you fail to make the contract, the first under-trick is 100pts, subsequent 200 pts each.
  5. When you have scored a game, you are said to be vulnerable.
  6. Bridge drives and duplicate score in a different way. The bonuses are added to each hand. A part score = 50pts, game 300pts. More(500) if you are vulnerable. Slams score an extra 500 pts on top of the game bonus.
  7. Bridge scoring pads can be found at stationers
  8. Most new packs of cards contain 2 jokers and a guide to scoring