Interesting hand 44


This rather freakish hand was dealt out on a recent Sunday, and by hand too!

After two passes , North opens 1 and East has a dilemma. For those playing CRO the next bid is easy. Bid 2 to show two suits of five cards or more of the opposite colour to the opponent's suit . E has an immemsely strong hand in playing strength, and double would be an alternative to thjose not playing a two suited overcall system. The bidding proceeded S bidding 2, and after a pass by W, 4 was bid by N. East now passed and 4 became the contract making easily.

East needs to show the strength of her hand by bidding 5. E is known to have 10 cards or more in the red suits so W can now convert to 5., and N-S if concentrating will play in 5 doubled (probably doubled), likely to be 1 down, but a good sacrifice since the E-W contract makes 11 tricks..West wins the second spade trick, play A and another towards the J and its all over, losing a and a

If you had overcalled 2 and later bid 5 you would probably achieve the same, but CRO made it easy.


Board 3
East Deals
None Vul
A 10 9 8 6
K Q J 8 3 2
5 3
J 8 7
10 9 4
A 10 9 6 4
A Q 10 9 4 2
A K J 8 7 2
K Q J 4 2
K 6 3
6 5 3
7 5