All about No-trumps

1NT Opening: 12-14 pts, use care with poor 12pts and vulnerable; avoid holding two doubletons; a 5-card minor is fine, avoid a 5 card major suit unless it contains no honour card; stops in 3 suits, you do not need 4. If opponents double, take-out only with ANY 5 card suit and less than 5 pts


Bidding after partner opens 1NT

Stayman enquiry for a major suit; weakness take-outs; bid 3 of major with a 5-card suit and opening values; bid 4 of a major with 6 card major and opening values

Opponents open 1 NT

Natural overcalls with 5 card suits; jump overcalls with strong unbalanced hand

Double with 15pts balanced

Opening 2 NT

20-22 pts. May have a 5 card major and guards in at least 3 suits. In response use Stayman or bid a 5 card major

Overcalling 1 NT

15-17 pts, balanced, and guards in the opponents suit.

Responding 1 NT to partners opening bid

6-9 pts, no 4 card suit available to bid at the 1 level, a guard in a suit bid by an opponent

Responding 2NT/3NT to partners opening bid

2 NT response = 10-12pts, but avoid. Better to bid a new suit, then bid 2NT

3 NT response= 13-15 pts, no 4 card major

Re-bidding 1NT/2NT/3NT. You have opened1 of a suit, partner responds, then:

1 NT = 15-16pts, guards in all 4 suits between the two hands

2 NT = 17-18pts, guards in all 4 suits between the two hands

3 NT = 19-20 pts, guards in all 4 suits between the two hands

Only use if no 6 card major suit